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What I found out in my pursuit of becoming a game and level designer. Albeit through previous projects, from others or unrelated experiences: You'll find it here.

Post Mortem: The Lua Line Post Mortem: The Spire Post Mortem: CTF Eden Post Mortem: The Corruption of Illidan

Post Mortems

Besides shedding light on my design process, you'll find an in-depth view of my past projects as well as the lessons learnt.

Tutorial: Lua in CryEngine: Scripting a Train (2/2) Tutorial: Lua in CryEngine: Scripting a Train Tutorial: How I got my Internship


Sharing information is one of the most important parts of evolving as an industry and without tutorials I'd not be where I am right now. Let me return the favour.

Tool: Choosing method(s) of Environmental Storytelling Compilation: Link Repository


What doesn't fit in the above categories finds its refuge here.